Custom Rom Xperia Gamerz Edition Galaxy Mini

Xperia Gamerz Edition
-Original Xperia Launcher from Stock Rom from Xperia x10 mini
-XLOUD & Beats Audio Addded
-TimeScape Resized to LDPI xD
-Removed DSP (not needed anymore)
-Cool new Animations when Open-Close app Drawer
-Bareboned (100 mb)
-Kernel Modifications (for better Performance)
-Scripts added (for better Performance)
-New (Original) bootanimation from Sony Xperia TM


I give not any Permission to use This TimeScape Version on other Roms/or for general Development




Spacecaker for gr8 SonyHD Rom (Base)
imbawind (scripts)
Me(Kernel, TimeScape Resizing, Modded and fully functional Rom, takes your wishes xD)

SonyHD Gamerz & ICS Edition πŸ˜€

Original Thread and BIG Thanks to spacecaker for this Rom

Version 1

  • Xperia S lockscreen
  • Xperia S launcher
  • Xperia S Theme
  • Xperia S style
  • Xperia S apps
  • Xperia S Widgets
  • TimeScape
  • Full Xperia S Xperience
  • Sony HD Settings
  • Lg 2X lockscreen
  • SlaidyBoostv2.3 (Thanks to slaid480)
  • Pre-Rooted
  • EXT4
  • Oc-Kernel up to 844 Mhz (Thanks to Squadzone)
  • De-Odexed



sumber XDA FORUM


26 thoughts on “Custom Rom Xperia Gamerz Edition Galaxy Mini

  1. gan, galmin ane dah ane upgrade ke gingerbread 2.3.4 (DXKPD) dan udah ane instal CWM v.5.2.8 , nah galmin ane buatan vietnam, bisa kagak gan ane pake rom ni?

    maksih sebelumnya πŸ˜€

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