Custom Rom Xperia Gamerz Edition Galaxy Mini

Xperia Gamerz Edition
-Original Xperia Launcher from Stock Rom from Xperia x10 mini
-XLOUD & Beats Audio Addded
-TimeScape Resized to LDPI xD
-Removed DSP (not needed anymore)
-Cool new Animations when Open-Close app Drawer
-Bareboned (100 mb)
-Kernel Modifications (for better Performance)
-Scripts added (for better Performance)
-New (Original) bootanimation from Sony Xperia TM


I give not any Permission to use This TimeScape Version on other Roms/or for general Development




Spacecaker for gr8 SonyHD Rom (Base)
imbawind (scripts)
Me(Kernel, TimeScape Resizing, Modded and fully functional Rom, takes your wishes xD)

SonyHD Gamerz & ICS Edition😀

Original Thread and BIG Thanks to spacecaker for this Rom

Version 1

  • Xperia S lockscreen
  • Xperia S launcher
  • Xperia S Theme
  • Xperia S style
  • Xperia S apps
  • Xperia S Widgets
  • TimeScape
  • Full Xperia S Xperience
  • Sony HD Settings
  • Lg 2X lockscreen
  • SlaidyBoostv2.3 (Thanks to slaid480)
  • Pre-Rooted
  • EXT4
  • Oc-Kernel up to 844 Mhz (Thanks to Squadzone)
  • De-Odexed



sumber XDA FORUM

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